Running a successful business involves many moving parts and most notably, you must have the cash flow or funding to sustain your future growth. At Coromar Business Strategies, our goal is to increase the profitability of businesses by both reducing taxes and expenses and increasing income. One way we do this is help business owners decipher the cash flow methods that are right for them.

In building your business’ growth plan, take advantage of our many loan opportunities to and expand your small business. We're here to meet and exceed your expectations so you can do the same for your clients.



Existing Businesses preferably with 2-3 years of tax returns

U.S.-based businesses that operate for profit

Businesses with repayment ability from earnings

We work with almost any industries


Business Owner Needs:

Working Capital

Purchase of Inventory

Purchase/Leasing of Equipment

Purchase of Machinery

Business Expansion


Tenant Improvements

Business Acquisition


Loan Program:

Long-term Loan – Long-term Loans have fixed payments and are good for business purposes, including major business purchases, emergency repairs, inventory, property improvement, or refinanced existing debts. The loan amounts can be from thousands to a few million dollars and can get up to 5 years to 25 years.


Equipment Leasing & Financing - Whether you need furniture, computers, software, printers, truck, trailers, restaurant, healthcare & manufacturing equipment. Equipment leasing provides the perfect opportunity to get up to $3 million worth of equipment without breaking the bank. By leasing equipment, you’ll preserve your credit and you won’t need to put any collateral on the line. Plus, it’s easy to upgrade equipment when the lease expires.


Invoice Factoring & Receivable Financing - Big companies can take longer to pay you. This can restrict your available cash and make it difficult to complete orders or perform larger jobs. Invoice factoring can give you the available cash to quick pay your suppliers. Your company can get up to 90% of the invoice amount immediately, and gives the remaining balance when your clients settle the entire amount.


SBA Loan - Small business loans offer up to $10 million in financing that can be used for almost any business purpose, including start-up, acquisition or expansion. Loan proceeds can be used as working capital, revolving funds, or to purchase real estate, equipment, inventory, etc. SBA loans offers low interest rates, longer repayment terms and no ballooning costs, making monthly payments manageable for small business or franchise owners.


Express Business Loan - We understand that when your business needs financing, you need it quickly. Not only do our business financing products give you access to the capital you need in a few days, you also have the flexibility to use the capital however you see fit. Use Express Business loans for any business expense including:


New or updated machines to streamline production

Expansion and time-sensitive growth opportunities

The purchase and/or transportation of raw materials to the production site

Corporate operating costs because of increased government regulations

Research and development

Investing in technology-intensive practices


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